You decorate and redecorate their bathroom usually in a cycle of 10 – 15 years. You want a cabinet which fulfills your requirements, which offers enough storage spage and which has a nice design.

Your new bathroom cabinet must fit in your personal budget.

The space in your bathroom is limited. Perhaps you are looking for a 120 cm wide cabinet. A cabinet measuring 90 cm will not make you happy. Unfortunately you cannot install the 130 cm long cabinet you liked so much.

In your bathroom the basin has to be in a certain position on top of the cabinet because there is the door, a window, a pipe or any other object preventing you from installing it elsewere..

You live in a house or apartment with more than one bathroom. You want your bathrooms to follow the same designline. You are looking for cabinets in the same design but different dimensions.

Bellagio Luxury bathroom cabinets meets this requirements because …

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