302.303. series
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302.303. series

Single wash stand with extra large storage volume. A spacious singe ore double drawer cabinet combined with 2 open front cabinets offer suffi cient storage space for almost any bathroom. All three cabinets can be interchanged according to your needs.

Product Details

Product type:single basin triple cabinet
Board types:MFC melamine, MDF
Intallation:wall-wounted (brackets included)


Width:1410 - 1810 mm
Depth:525 mm
Height:540 - 550 mm

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Melamine Board Colors
[colors/BLG-M-002.png] [colors/BLG-M-003.png] [colors/BLG-M-004.png] [colors/BLG-M-005.png] [colors/BLG-M-006.png] [colors/BLG-M-007.png] [colors/BLG-M-009.png] [colors/BLG-M-014.png]
MDF Board Colors
[colors/P-001.png] [colors/P-007.png] [colors/P-008.png] [colors/P-012.png]

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