wall hung side cabinets
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wall hung side cabinets

Practical side cabinets for extra storage space. Available in different dimensions and different confi gurations of drawers or doors. They offer additional storage space for your bathroom cabinet solution. All side cabinets are available in the same colors as the main cabinet.

Product Details

Product type:wall-hung side cabinet
Board types:MFC melamine, MDF
Intallation:wall-wounted (brackets included)


Width:400 - 800 mm
Depth:350 mm
Height:880 - 1760 mm

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Melamine Board Colors
[colors/BLG-M-002.png] [colors/BLG-M-003.png] [colors/BLG-M-004.png] [colors/BLG-M-005.png] [colors/BLG-M-006.png] [colors/BLG-M-007.png] [colors/BLG-M-009.png] [colors/BLG-M-014.png]
MDF Board Colors
[colors/P-001.png] [colors/P-007.png] [colors/P-008.png] [colors/P-012.png]