Wholesalers like our cabinets

Big business is your business. You buy and sell a large number of different items at high quantities. You try to keep the inventory turnover high.

Your buyers rely on you when it comes to product availability and short supply time. Ensuring short supply times for your buyer and high availability are important for your business’ success.

The level of competition is very high. Products with low return rates and a small number of potentially required spare parts are of high importance for you.

Reliable and standardized packing and consistent labeling allow you to handle your products efficiently. Cost efficient logistics are a must for your business.

Bellagio Luxury bathroom cabinets meet this requirements because …

  • our modular design allows you to keep your stock quantities low and storage time low.
  • a comparably low number of different components increases the availability of products form your stock.
  • each of our cabinets combines constantly high quality with very attractive price.
  • standardized hardware specifications keep the number of different spare parts low.
  • all our products are safely packed and properly labeled for efficient handling.

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