Why Bellagio Luxury?

The market provides your with a vast range of different bathroom cabinets. However, there are some verry good reasons why you should choose bathroom cabinets from Bellagio Luxury.

You choose Bellagio Luxury bathroom cabinets because ...

  • you like modern design.
  • of their high practical value.
  • they provide you with ulitmate flexibility.
  • you can choose from a large number of variations.
  • constantly high quality is important for you.
  • all these advantages already come at a very attractive price.

We did not just create a series of different bathroom cabinets. We created a range of components which can be combined to your personal bathroom solution.

A range of standardized cabinets can be combined to one cabinet in the dimension you need. Combine one, two, three or even four cabinets under one counter top to create exactly the cabinet you need. Position the basin on the left side, right side, in the middle or install two basins on one cabinet: no problem with bathroom cabinets from Bellagio Luxury.

Standard components, individual combinations

Main cabinets, basins, counter tops, mirrors, mirror cabinets and side cabinets are available in different dimensions. You can combine these components to create your personal cabinet solution.

Standardized dimensions, individual size

Each cabinet is based on the same dimension system allowing you to combine different cabinets to one combination. Our standard cabinets are available from 400 to 1200 mm. Together with our up to 2400 mm long counter tops you can create a large number of cabinet combinations.


For most parts of our cabinet solutions we offer different options to meet your needs in an exact and efficient way. Some options are for example different drawer systems, board materials, colors and hardware configuration.

Tailor Made

That is all not enough for you? Have a lot at our tailor made program.

Find out why...

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