Tailor Made

A central point of our bathroom concepts is ultimate fl exibility while at the sametime providing you with stable quality and lead times. To achieve this we developed a system which allows you to combine individual cabinets according to your needs. You can choose your cabinets out of several hundred possible combinations of counter tops, basins, main cabinets, side cabinets, mirrors and mirror cabinets.

Small cabinets of only 500 or 600 mm, wide cabinets of 1500 mm, 2000 mm or even wider - no problem with our bathroom cabinet series. However, there are situations where you may need even more fl exibility. All our cabinets can be customized according to your needs.

After more then 15 years in business we understand how important it is in certain situations to get exactly what you need. However, no manufacturer can provide every possible cabinet combination as a standard configuration. We work with our customers to convert their requirments and ideas into a finished product. This may be a customized dimensions for a product, a different color, different door handle or drawer hinge. The result of this interaction process are products that meet our clients' requirement and allow them to reach their goals.

Tailor made does not mean expensive.

Custom made usually stands for a higher price as well. However, this is not necessarily true. If you are looking for a product which is going to target a very price sensitive market we the right partner for you too. The right combination of material, cost efficient hardware, clever construction and efficient production allows to create custom made products at very attractive prices.

custom color.

Besides our standard range of colors our cabinets can be produced in almost any color which is out there in the market. You may choose a single color or bicolor layout for your cabinet.

custom dimension.

All our cabinets can be supplied in custom made dimensions. Especially targeting situations where the enduser requires certain dimensions; this may be public areas, hotel bathrooms or even private homes.

What can we do?

  • different materials
  • different colors
  • custom made dimensions
  • hardware configuration according to your requirements
  • special packing
  • and so much more ...

custom requiements. custom price.

There is no price list for custom made solutions. Everything is fl exible according to your requirements. Let us know your requirements.

Please note that due to the work involved in realizing individual solutions certain minimum order quantites for each dimension or for a customized color will be required to supply you with your customized product at a good price.

Which buyers is our tailor made program targeting at?

  • Retail chains
  • Wholesalers
  • Construction and project business
  • Architects
  • Hotels
  • Online retailers

If you have any questions about our tailor made program do not hesitate to contact us.
Just use our contact form to contact us.

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