We at Bellagio Luxury are convinced that a kitchen is only as good as the hardware used to build it. Kitchen cabinets are functional products designed to assist their users.

All Bellagio Luxury kitchens use extensivly tested hardware.

Two standard hardware options

All our kitchen cabinets are available in two different hardware configurations. This allows you sellingl your kitchens to customers demanding different hardware standards.

1. Quality hardware made by DTC

When developing hardware DTC always puts the focus on combining functionality and durability with a very reasonable price. As results we can provide you with reliable products at very attractive prices.

2. Premium hardware made by BLUM

For over 60 years BLUM has been a byword for high quality hardware. Providing probably the highest quality standards in the industry BLUM hardware is the right choice for any customer demanding latest functionalities, precision engineering and long product life.

We use BLUM hardware for drawers and doors. Should you want to equip your kitchen cabinets with a certain BLUM hinge type we are ready to provide you with what you need.

Find out more about BLUM hardware on www.blum.com.

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