No matter if you are looking for a modern or a classic kitchen design you do not have to compromise on the quality and reliability. We provide you with the same hardware and corpus independent from the front panel design.

Our two component design allows you to supply all your customers with the same basic cabinet elements. Choose from one of the following types of doors, filler panels and backboards to complete your kitchen arrangement.


This laminated board type has prooven to e a reilable basis for kitchen and bathroom cabinets around the world. Available in a wide range of wood designs and colors these boards these boards create a wooden look at a much lower cost.

Vinyl Wrap

Combining CNC machined boards and a vacuum wrap finish creates a wide range of design possibilities. Vinyl wrapped doors can be equipped with rounded edges, engraved door designs and pretty much any other front panel design you may need.


High quality paint finish can cover any kind of door design and shape. Painting not only allows to put the color in the remotest corners but also allows usage of a vaste color range.

Solid Wood

Modern materials may provide you with a wide selection of color and design options, however, many customers still require solid wood kitchen doors. Solid wood provides you the sensation of a naturally grown product.

Special Requirements?

Do you need a special color for one of your customers?
Do you need a special drecoration finish?
Do you want to combine different materials in one kitchen?

You can build on our experience in producing kitchen cabinets. During the last years we have constantly worked with our customers to provide them  with the products they need. Let us know your requirements and our engineers will work out a way to meet your demeds.

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